Essential Wellness - Body, Mind, Spirit

What are Essential Oils?

In short, drops of absolute, amazing goodness that come from nature! Essential oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots and other parts of plants.These tiny molecules are the defense mechanism of the plant and do the same thing for us, working with our bodies to support wellness naturally! For more technical information go check out what's at the end of this link

Why Use Essential Oils?

Why Use Essential Oils?  For our family,  essential oils provide many tools to keep our family functioning!   We use oils for immune support,  mood management,  support our sleep and so much more!   We use oils to clean our home instead of using toxic chemicals.     We love that essential oils have rare/if any side effects when used properly and are effective! 

Ways to Use Essential Oils

How do you use essential oils?  There are three ways to use doTERRA essential oils,  aromatically, topically and internally. doTERRA oils are incredibly pure and potent.  It is important to realize how strong they are.  A little goes a long way.  One or two drops is a dose. More often is better than more!   Never place oils directly into ears, nose or eyes.

Aromatically -  To over simplify this, essentials oils simply smell great!  There is really much more to it. Scientific studies show  scents can greatly effect our moods and emotions!  Even opening the bottle and smelling the fragrance can impact your day and mood!  We diffuse oils instead of burning candles!  We have 5 or 6 different diffusers scattered about the house!  It is so nice to be able to pick a new oil depending on the vibe in the house, the weather or the time a day.  Sometimes we choose oils that will support our respiratory or immune system.  Other times,  we diffuse oils to calm everyone down or elevate the mood!  The cool thing is we have options and we can change our mind at any moment!

Topically - Did you know... the pores on your feet are really big and therefore are a great place to apply essential oils? Even when you apply oils on your feet,  the tiny molecules spread throughout your body in just a few seconds.   However, the general rule of thumb is to apply oils to the area that needs support.  There are a few safety considerations when using oils topically.  Some oils are considered "hot" and should be diluted to prevent skin sensitivity.   Dilution is especially important with kiddos! 

Internally - Please note that not all oils are created equal. When I refer to using oils internally,  I am only referring to doTERRA oils that are specifically marked for safe internal use. Each bottle of oil has approved uses and dilution recommendations right on the label.   Essential oils can be used for cooking and baking.  We love citrus oils for the natural cleansing properties.  Simply add a drop or two to a glass of water or a smoothie! Essential oils should not be used in plastic containers, use glass or metal water bottles.  


DoTERRA has set the standard for the highest quality essential oils on the market!  Each batch of oil, goes through a rigorous testing process for purity and potency!  There are no chemicals or pesticides in the oils.  They work with growers all over the world to bring the best product to you and also provide resources to impoverished communities!  Many of the farmers and distillers would not have water or schools without doTERRA.  To read more about Co-Impact Sourcing click here.  Honestly, Co-Impacting sourcing is one of the main reasons that I will always choose doTERRA!   The stories about the impact this company has made all over the world are profound.